Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 7

We have been busy practicing our addition facts!  The kids started off their day by doing some presidential addition and ended the day by playing an addition partner game.  They rolled a number, wrote a number sentence, and then recorded the total by building a block tower.

I was impressed by how much the kids learned about Abraham Lincoln yesterday!  We reread the chart they created and then they wrote independently.  Some kids even wrote two facts!  After they wrote they turned themselves into "honest Abes!"  They turned out darling!

We reviewed, Pet Show!,  the book they read yesterday.  They summarized it for me, restated the problem and solution, and determined if it was reality or fantasy.  We also talked about our vocabulary words, mingle, confer, and compliment. 

Remember to be working on your Valentine box!  Send it in either tomorrow or Monday morning.  We will pass out our valentine cards first thing on Monday morning!

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