Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 20

Today we continued to talk about the community helpers in our neighborhood.  The kids reflected on our nurse lesson from yesterday and wrote great sentences about what they do and the tools they use.

The kids made city art to cover their community helper notebooks.  They used colored rectangles to create buildings, cutting different roofs to make their own unique skyline.  They added a moon and stars with white paint.  It was a really neat project!

In math we learned how to add with dominoes!  We read the beginning of Domino Addition.  Then we played a partner game to practice adding.  The kids had to line up numbers from 0-12, sort dominoes by the total, and record them and say the number sentence.  They were disappointed when it was time for dismissal! 

Maybe we'll see you tomorrow!  If not, enjoy the snow!  Your kiddos have big plans for snowball fights, snowmen, and hot chocolate!  If there is a snow day pictures will be rescheduled for Thursday, February 28th.  If we do not have school on Friday, movie night will be rescheduled. 

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