Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25

It was great to finally see the kiddos again!  They wrote about all the fun things they did in the snow!  I read that they made angels, and snow men, had snow ball fights, went sledding, played on snow mobiles, built tunnels, and more!  Sounds like they may be having some more snowy day fun tomorrow, stay tuned!

Our community helper this morning was the dentist.  We learned about how they help us have healthy teeth.  The kids made a cute model of their mouth using marshmallows for teeth and then practiced flossing.

Then we took a trip to Kinder City!!  The kids had a blast and so did their teacher!  It was so much fun getting to see them play in their own little community!

At the restaurant the kids were busy making food, taking orders, answering the phone, and...

waiting tables.

At the public safety building and fire station kids were handcuffed and their fingerprints were taken.  They also had a few fires to put out!

The post office was bustling today!  The kids were writing letters, putting them in envelopes, stamping them, and later delivering the mail!

The dentist's office was a happen place!  E looks a bit nervous about his check-up!

In the school kids got to pretend they were the teacher, use puppets, do puzzles, read, play computer, build words, and write on dry erase boards.

In math we starting learning about subtracting within 10 using manipulatives.  Today the kids used "frogs" to act out story problems!

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