Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 1-Pioneer Day

Sorry for the late post!  I spent this weekend taking care of my sick little man.  Luckily he is feeling much better!

Friday was a blast!  The kids looked so cute in their get-ups! We spent the morning finishing up our 4-square pioneer reports and our Kansas symbols book.  Hopefully your child shared all of the neat things they learned with you.

After specials the kids got to experience some fun Kansas crafts and pioneer activities.
At this station they made a sunflower filled with sunflower seeds and wheat thins (wheat is Kansas' state grain!).

In an effort to attract a meadowlark the kids made toilet paper tube bird feeders.  This was a popular station!

The kids made sunflower art using drip painting.

The pipe cleaner honeybees turned out so cute!

The most yummy station was the sunflower cookie making station!  Mmmm!!

This guy was busy scrubbing the chili out of his pioneer duds!  I believe he had 3 bowls!!

More sunflower art!

Mrs. Pemberton was a pro at butter churning!  The kids thought the fresh butter was really tasty!

It was a great day for pioneer kids and adults!

A BIG thank you to all of you that dressed your kiddos up, sent in donations, and volunteered to help run stations!

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