Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4th

Today was a great Monday!  We had two watchdogs helping us out (thanks Mr. Graham and Mr. McClure!) and we got to have recess!!

We started our day watching a BrainPop about George Washington, reading a book about him, and charting some notes about him.  Tomorrow we will continue to document who he was.

This week we are starting addition.  One of our assessed kindergarten skills is being able to add and subtract within 5 fluently.  This means that when kids are shown an equation they are able to say the answer within 3 seconds.  Today we discussed strategies for adding and played a movement game that had us adding push ups, sit ups, hops, and jumping jacks!

We worked on our conference presentations after Library.  They are really coming together!

We learned the word "we" today and discussed fantasy and reality.  We read the book What a Treasure!  The kids decided that it must be fantasy because animals can't talk, moles don't use shovels, and moles don't wear clothing!

Sorry about the homework books, they will go home tomorrow.  Sometimes there aren't enough minutes in the day!  Thanks for understanding!

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