Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 31

We studied two more Kansas symbols, the honeybee and the cottonwood tree.  We watched a clip of some honeybees in action and colored them yellow and brown in our book.  We learned that the cottonwood tree has seeds that travel in cottony fluff.  They have triangular, green leaves in the spring and summer and they turn yellow in the fall.  We colored our trees green and added cotton.

Mrs. Warren came in this morning to do a special reading and music lesson with the book, The Snowy Day.  The kids were so engaged!  First she read them the story and discussed the setting.  Then the kids acted out the events in the story while Mrs. Warren narrated the story accompanied by some soft music.  Then they had a super-fun snowball fight using cotton balls!  They had to listen to some uptempo music and throw their snow at the appropriate point in the music!  It was so much fun and the kids had a blast!  Thank you so much Mrs. Warren!

Listening attentively

Making a snow angel

Climbing a mountain

This little boy was SO pumped to have his mama here!

Going back to sleep after his snowy adventure

Ready, set, throw!

We added another slide to our conference presentations.  I am happy to report that EVERYTHING went smoothly today! 

In math we played "monster war" with a partner.  The kids used monster cards to compare which number was greater and then they kept both cards.  This is a great way to review greater than, less than, and equal to at home!

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