Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 9

Today was a busy, busy day in K!  The kids visited the center room first thing this morning.  They used magnets to sort things that are magnetic and those that are not.  They also got to play in a bear cave and pretend to hibernate!  Don't forget that Friday is hibernation day!

During writing the kids wrote down their New Year's resolutions.  We used their self-portraits to make a very cute art display in the hallway.

During math we discussed why it is important to know how to count by 10s.  We counted up to 87 * (the number of days we have been in kindergarten) by ones and then again by 10s.  We discovered that it is much FASTER to count by tens.  The kids then sorted and glued their "10s" in order from 10-100.

We reread Snowmen at Night at worked on retelling the story using picture cards.  We also learned three new fancy words, drooped, thrill, and joyous.

Plus, we beat the clock!  That's right, we were lined up, ready to go at 11:24!


  1. Way to go on your resolution!! No I have to make sure I'm on time too! :) Cooper is so excited to be back at school, he is thirilled to be in reading groups again!!! Thanks for all your hard work and love you give our kiddos!