Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10

Good afternoon!  We had some extra time in the center room today due to all of the much-needed rain outside! 
Kids in dramatic play pretended to be hibernating animals
Kids in the science center explored magnets
"A" is typing sight words in the brainiac station
"A" is practicing her math facts while "C" is drawing 2D shapes
Using stencils in the art center
"E" mad a training course in the block corner
"E" made a block I-Mrs. Weishaar says "Go Illini!!"
"A" and "A" worked together to make a house a home!
This morning we read Time to Sleep and learned about where different kinds of animals and insects hibernate.  We created some winter hibernation art that is displayed in our classroom.

During reading we read The Mitten.  We discussed the characters and setting.  We also discussed that the author, Jan Brett, did two jobs!  She is the author AND the illustrator.  We reviewed our 3 new fancy words, thrill, drooped, and joyous.

In math we acted out The Mitten. The kids stuffed little plastic animals into their gloves and mittens!
They then took a guess at how many were inside.  Then all of the animals were dumped out, grouped into 10s and counted!  They had a lot of fun!

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