Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29

This morning we put 100 day behind us....kind of!  The kids think that since we have reached this all-important milestone that they should be leaving me and headed off to the big world of first grade!  As we counted our 101 straws today one student told me, "That means only 5 more days until first grade!" 

Today we got back to work studying Kansas and the early settlers.  We learned about sunflowers and our state animal, the buffalo.  Many kids are concerned that they do not have pioneer clothing.  Boys can reuse their suspenders from yesterday, throw on some dress pants, a button up shirt, dress shoes and a hat.  Girls, wear a dress, tights, and an apron!  No stress!

This week we are working on our conference presentations in place of reading groups.  WHEW!  It was a lot of work to make our title pages in Powerpoint today!  The kids did a really great job picking a background, adding a title, their name, and importing a picture.  It was time to save right at dismissal time and that caused a bit of frustration for the teachers in the room!  Luckily, everyone's is saved and ready to go for tomorrow! 

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