Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28-Happy 100 Day!!

We had a BLAST today!!  Thank you so much for dressing your kids up like they were 100!  It cracked me up all morning!

We started off our day with morning meeting and closed it up with a boogie to "Move it, Move it!"  You should have seen these grannies and grandpas shakin' it!  I am glad no one threw out a hip!

Then we headed to the commons for a 100 balloon pop with the rest of the kinder classes!  This little lady used her walker to assist.

Back in the classroom the kids participated in 100 day stations.  They did q-tip painting to make a gumball machine filled with 100 gumballs.

They had the most fun making a 100 cup tower!  It was even more fun when they came crashing down.  They used great teamwork!
They made something out of the numbers 1-0-0 and finished the sentence "100 can be___."  We had wagons, hot air balloons, glasses, and more!
They also played a board game that had them travel from 1 to 100 and they worked on a 100 piece puzzle.

After P.E. the kids came back and made a 100 piece trail mix snack.  They made 10 groups of 10 and then counted by 10s to 100!  While they snacked they watch a brainpop about the 100th day of school.
To end the day we paraded around the building to show off our cute outfits!

Here are some more pictures for your enjoyment!

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