Friday, January 25, 2013

January 25

Whew!  That was a quick week!  This morning we learned about the Kansas state bird.  Did you know that the meadowlark could be found all over the state?  It is brown and yellow, Kansas' state colors.  It stays in Kansas all year long!  See if your kiddo can remember where they build their nests and what color their eggs are.

We also talked about what kind of clothing pioneers wore.  We learned that they had to make all of their own clothing since there weren't any stores along the Sunflower Trail!  They seemed very concerned that they didn't have clothes to wear for Pioneer Day next Friday!

We had RECESS today!!  The kids were SO excited to be outside.  It was extra-fun today because Addison McGlinn's daddy was our watchdog!  The kids really enjoyed playing tag with him!  Thanks Ed for all of your help today!

Friday Mania was a huge hit as always!  We really focused on sight words this week, painting them with water colors, hitting them with fly swatters, stamping them, jumping them, writing them on the white board, and playing sight word bingo!

We ended our day with a birthday celebration for the newest member of the 6-year-old club, Addison McGlinn!  She shared some tie-dye cupcakes with us and many kids thought they were the best cupcakes ever!

I am so excited for 100 day!!  Don't forget to dress your kiddo up like they are 100-years-old; glasses, suits, bow ties, white hair, shawls, etc.  We will be having a 100 day parade at 11:00 on Monday.  If you would like to see all of our kiddos be in the commons at 11!  You will be able to take your kiddo as soon as our parade is over.

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