Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23

This morning, we got busy right away taking notes about pioneer homes.  The kids all did a great job remembering how a sod house was built.  Aidan worked exceptionally hard sounding out the words in his sentences, starting with a capital, using lowercase letters for the rest, leaving spaces between words, and ending with a period.  In addition his drawing had many details that we talked about yesterday!  Mrs. P. and I were so proud that we sent him to Miss Janet to show off!  Then Mr. Mortenson came to see what all the fuss was about!  Mrs. Furlong also taught us the "Kansas Song."
 While he was visiting the rest of the class showed off their Kansas books.  They told him all about the Capitol Building!  We are so lucky to have such an fun, attentive principal at our school!

We had another rousing game of "4 corners" before we headed off to library!  It was too chilly this morning for recess but it is GORGEOUS right now!  I hope our kinder friends are outside soaking up the sun!

Our kids had another opportunity to show off today!  During reading group Addy P., Sam, and Charles read a challenge book.  They blew Mrs. P. and I away by reading the whole thing with very little help!  So, off they marched to Mr. Mortenson's office to "popcorn" read with him!  

In math the kids practiced writing their numbers from 1-20 during mad minute.  This skill will be assessed for the 3rd quarter report card.  Then they practiced just writing their teen numbers by rolling a number cube and recording the number.  

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