Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22

Today we started learning about Kansas and the early settlers in honor of our state's upcoming birthday!  We located Kansas on a map of the United States and found where Gardner is in relation to Topeka.  We also noted that it looks like a rectangle with a bite out of it!

We will be doing some writing about pioneers this week.  Today we learned all about their homes.  The pioneers built their homes out of sod bricks.  We defined sod as dirt that has grass attached.  They collected long poles from trees to make their roofs.  They gathered stones from the river to make fireplaces and chimneys.  When I asked why it was important to have a fireplace in the pioneers' homes one student enthusiastically said, "For SANTA!" 

Due to the extreme cold this morning we had to have indoor recess.  We had a lot of fun zipping around our classroom playing 4 corners!

In math we exercised as we counted by 1s to 100.  The kids also practiced fast counting by 10s and ones to make numbers in the teens during a whole class game.

Time to clean out your closets!  On Monday, of next week, we will celebrate 100 day by dressing like 100-year-olds!  It should be a lot of fun to see our kiddos dressed like little old folks!  On Friday we will dress like pioneers to help celebrate Kansas' birthday. 

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