Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 17

Today we watched another clip about Dr. King.  We had a discussion about what his "BIG dreams" were.  My favorite response was, "He wanted his daughters and sons to live in a good world."  So sweet!  Then I asked the kids to think of how they could help the world to be a better place.  There were several great ideas including, "I wish everyone would use nice manners," and "I wish bad guys would be good."

After recess we had a visit from Mr. Mortenson.  He got to watch how well we can count forward from a given number!  We played a game in groups of three that had the kids identifying numbers and counting forward the next three numbers.  After our game we practiced writing our responses in shaving cream!!

We read David's Drawing and talked about the author's message.  We also talked about the evidence the text gave us to show that David was a bit shy.  We talked about our three new fancy words; spontaneously, contribute, and agreed.

P.S. Addison, did you notice "Boom Chicka Boom" was added!---------------->

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