Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 16

This morning Mrs. Pemberton led the kids in morning meeting followed by a reading of Martin's BIG Words.  I was so impressed with the level of engagement when I walked in from my meeting!  There was a wonderful discussion that happened after the book.  We discussed how Dr. King wanted us to solve problems peacefully and without violence.  We a piece of the poem "With My Two Hands" and the kids watercolored a hand to represent the idea that it doesn't matter what people look like on the outside but what's inside that counts.

The kids were VERY excited when we went to recess!!  Boy did they need it!

Before library the kids and I played mystery words.  They use a white board to identify a three sound word by listening to my clues.  They erase one letter to change to word for the next clue.

After reading groups we played counting on number sparkle again.  We also did a listening activity that had kids identifying numbers to 30 and counting up 3.

Friday, February 1st in Pioneer Day in K!  
To celebrate Kansas history the Kindergarteners will be reviewing symbols for Kansas and exploring “pioneer-like” activities through centers.  We will be making butter, edible sunflowers, quilting, and even having a “campfire meal on the wagon trail”.  We would love to have your help with our many “pioneer-like” activities so mark this date on your calendars. 
For this day, the Kindergarteners are invited to dress as pioneers.  Some ideas for this could be:
Girls – a dress, apron, bonnet or straw hat, boots, bucket or pail
Boys – jeans or overalls, flannel or work shirt, straw hat, bandanna, boots, bucket or pail

Please let me know if you would like to help out from 10:30-dismissal on this exciting day!

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