Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15

Today we watched a brief video of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life.  We discussed the important parts of the clip and learned that Dr. King wanted things to be fair for all people.

The kids had the opportunity to do a lesson on manners with Mrs. Gabriel.

We reread our story, I'm a Jolly Farmer.  I was impressed how well they discussed the setting, characters, and main idea of the story.  They are getting really good at looking at the details in the story to help them explain answers to comprehension questions!

In math we practiced counting on from a given number.  The kids sat in a circle and one friend rolled two number cubes.  That person identified the number and then next three students counted on.  The fourth person said "sparkle" and rerolled the dice.  It was a lot of rules to remember but I think they had fun with it!

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