Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14

This morning we did a really cool lesson to kick off our study of Martin Luther King Jr.  I set to bags in front of the classroom.  One was a brown paper lunch sack.  The other was a pretty gift bag with fringe, sparkles, and tissue paper.  I asked the kids to sit near the bag they wanted for a present.  As expected all but one of the children sat by the pretty package.  Then three other students chose the brown bag too. 

I asked the one student why they chose the brown bag first.  She said that it was all alone.  The next student that chose that bag said he changed his mind because he didn't want his friend to be alone!  So cute!  The kids in the gift bag group said that the bag was bigger so that meant there was more to share.  They also thought that it was pretty so it probably had something good in it. 

When we opened them up we found that the pretty package contained a bag of rubber bands.  The kids in that group were very disappointed!  In the brown bag we found yummy m&ms to share!

We discussed that sometimes friends might not have the prettiest clothes or the neatest hair but it is what is on the inside that counts.  When we ate our m&ms we did a taste test to see if we could tell what color it was without looking at it.  Turns out, you can't!  Most of the kids got the message, it is not what a person looks like but what is inside and how they treat you that matters!

We read I'm a Jolly Farmer and were surprised by the setting!  We learned three new fancy words; versatile, jolly, and fantasy. 

At the end of the day Mrs. Hunt came to do a cute craft with us!  Look for it to come home tomorrow.

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