Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3

Happy December!  Today the kids filled in their December calendar.  They were great at pointing out the mistakes I made...oops!  I encouraged the kids to cross of a number each day to keep track of how many days there are until our field trip and Christmas! 

We started learning about healthy food choices.  We learned that half of our plates should be filled with fruits and vegetables, a quarter should be whole grains, and a quarter should be lean protein.  Our dairy choices should be 1% or skim milk, yogurt, and cheeses.  We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and discussed whether his choices were healthy or unhealthy. 

Our focus for writing this week will be writing a sequence of events.  Today I gave three directions on how to draw a reindeer using the language first, next, and last. 

We read Winter Lullaby and discussed what animals do during the winter.  We also built three letter words from a bank of letters, this was a tough task! 

We will be visiting the book fair tomorrow!  If you would like your child to purchase a book please put their money in a sealed envelope with their name on it.  You can also shop before school, after school, or tomorrow night.  Don't forget to dress in sports gear tomorrow!

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