Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 29

Today we read one of my all time favorite books, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems.  In the story the pigeon REALLY wants to drive a bus, and later a truck, and throws a whale of a fit trying to convince us that he should be able to.  The kids wrote their own sentences about what the pigeon may want to do next.

The kids were excited to do another Mad Minute today.  It is cute to hear their little pep talks before we get started!  We also played a partner game to practice writing our teen numbers and counting using a ten frame.  The kids practiced counting all the way to 100 today.  They will be assessed on counting to 50 for second quarter.

We discussed the weather vocabulary from When a Storm Comes Up.  The kids worked in groups of three to act out some of the weather from the book while their friends guessed what weather they were.  It was a really cute activity!

Next week begins the book fair.  We will be having a spirit week to help get kids excited about reading and visiting the book fair!  Here's what's happening:
Monday: Crazy sock day
Tuesday: Sports clothing
Wednesday: Tie Dye Day
Thursday: Hat Day
Friday: Pajama day

Also, tomorrow during snack I am going to invite the kids to bring in a favorite item that they may share with their classmates.  It will be a nontraditional show-and-tell.  It will give kids a chance to share something the love with a few friends at their table.  The item must be able to fit inside of their book bag!

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