Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28

Mrs. Pemberton and the kiddos started the day with a discussion about needs and wants.  The kids had opportunity to "go shopping" in sale ads for things they need and things they want.  Wants were much easier to find during this holiday season!

We enjoyed the beautiful weather at recess!

For math we practiced writing our teen numbers in shaving cream!  It was a lot of messy fun!  We are trying to remember every time we are writing a teen number the first number we write is always a 1!  We also practiced writing numbers from 1-10 on our Mad Minute.

We read a non-fiction book about weather, When a Storm Comes Up.We learned three new fancy words; whirl, warn, and property.

Make sure you check your child's folder!  There is a field trip permission slip for the 19th!!

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