Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27

Today we reflected on the NEEDS that we learned about yesterday.  The kids drew pictures and wrote words of three needs they remembered on a white board.  They then shared their responses with their friends.  We explored "Do you really need it?" on this site: needs and wants.  We had a great discussion while sorting pictures of needs and wants.  Tools and treasure were two that really sparked some interesting debates! 

In reading we discussed our fancy words as well as the details that the author put in What Will the Weather Be Today?

It was so cold during recess!!  Please make sure your child has gloves or mittens to keep their hands warm!  Today they were exploring the frost and it made for some chilly fingers!

During math we continued to learn about teen numbers.  We sang this song: Number in the Teens and practiced changing a 1 into 11 by adding a 1 in the tens place.  We also did our second round of "Mad Minute."  This is a timed number writing practice to make sure we are ready for our number assessment at the end of the quarter.  You will see these papers coming home in your child's folder.  If the numbers are formed correctly and all boxes are complete they will advance to the next test.  If there is an error or two they will repeat that test until it is mastered.  The kids think it is so fun! 

Please remember to send in any scrap material you may have laying around your house.  We are making snowmen on Friday and they need some scarves!  Thanks!!

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