Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26

Welcome back!!  It was so great to see your kiddos today!

This week we will be discussing needs and wants.  Today we defined needs as something we have to have to be alive and healthy.  Wants are something we would like to have. 

We bundled up for a chilly recess.  Please make sure your child is able to dress themselves for the weather.  We loose valuable play time if the teachers have to zip up all of our coats!  You may also want to have your child practice the correct way to take off their coat.  Several sleeves were inside-out today!

In math we explored why all teen numbers start with a 1.  The kids worked with a partner to build a teen number using a ten frame and ones rectangles.  We discovered that the ten frame always stayed the same and only the ones changed.  This means that all teen numbers have 1 ten and all teen numbers start with a 1!

We read What Will the Weather Be Like Today?  We looked for details in the weather to help understand the weather in the illustrations.  The kids learned three new fancy words, perhaps, fading, prefer.

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