Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14

What a fun day to be in kindergarten!  We started off our day by making snowpeople that look just like us to go with our writing project from this week. 

During morning meeting the kids each got to take a turn decorating a giant gingerbread man.  He turned out pretty cute!  We were going snack on him after recess but when we got back inside we found this:
He ran out of our room leaving a path of destruction!
Luckily Acy found this note that he left for us.
First we ran off to the cafeteria where he left us another clue.
Then it was off to the office.  Ms. Janet told us she saw him blaze by as he threw something on her desk, another clue!  We headed off to Nurse Diana's office for clue number 4.
It lead us to Mr. Mortenson's office.  He read us our final clue that told us to go to the classroom that is the best, our room of course!
When we returned we found him back on his plate where he belonged!  The kids thought we should eat him up so he wouldn't run away again!
He was mighty tasty as we read The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School.
Mmmm, mmm!

The kids had a blast as always during Friday Mania.  It was extra special since Emerson's mom was there and Emmy and Addy's dad was a Watchdog helper too!

Charles brought an extra-special shape snack.  It was fun to hear the kids naming their shapes as they noshed!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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