Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17

I want to thank each of you for trusting me with your babies today.  It was a difficult day to be a teacher and a parent.  I was very thankful to see their smiley faces this morning and I appreciated each kindergarten hug I received.  In response to the tragedy in Connecticut we reviewed our safety drills for fire, tornado, and a code red.  I did not share specifics about what had happened I simply assured them that my number one priority is keeping them safe at school. They did an excellent job as we practiced what to do during a code red situation.

We finished up a "TOP-SECRET" project this morning!  The kids are pretty excited about it but you can't find out what it is until Christmas!

After music the kids took their lowercase letter writing test.  We updated our hallway display to showcase our snowmen writing.  Mr. Graham came and hung out for a while and even read the kids Eric Carle's Dream Snow.

To finish our day we listened to an online reading of The Polar Express.  Tomorrow should be a lot of fun!  Please remember to dress your kiddo in their PJs (or just let them crawl out of bed!).  We will also be doing our holiday shop tomorrow at 9:30.  Last week you received an envelope and a shopping list.  If you would like your child to shop please send cash or a check made out to Sunflower PTO in that envelope.


  1. Thanks for being there for our little ones, and for teaching them so many things!

  2. I feel very confidant in you as my child's teacher! I know you genuinely love her and care about her safety. I refuse to worry or be afraid! If I do, then I will jip myself and my kids of so many beautiful moments of fun, learning, and memories!!! Live each day to the fullest & love like there's no tomorrow!
    Thank you Sara for ALL you do!!!