Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10

The kids did a great job using play-doh to build 3D shapes as they came in this morning.  After morning meeting we read one of my favorite winter read alouds, Snowmen at Night.  Before we started the reading I asked the kids to pretend they were snowmen during the day, staying so still.  Then as I turned off the lights I asked them to come alive!  They were so cute as they pretended to sled, have snowball fights, drink cocoa, eat ice cream, participate in a conga line, and even watch fireworks!  Then we headed back to the rug to chart our ideas and read the story. 

We also started our gingerbread unit.  During The Gingerbread Man the kids helped me read by participating in the patterned text.  We charted the characters and setting so that we can compare different versions of the book. 

During reading groups we are making a book using prepositions to tell about Santa's big night!  Look for it to come home this week!

We took another mad minute test today.  We are really practicing getting our numbers facing the right direction!  Then we sampled some gingerbread men and graphed our first bites.  There were many children that bit his head off first, poor dudes!

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