Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 7

 I walked in this morning to find these two AMAZING baskets ready to go for Friday night's festivities!  All I have to say is YOU GUYS ROCK!  Thank you so much to everyone who donated items, to the mommies who helped assemble the baskets to make them look so beautiful, and especially to Brandy Alt who has help organize the whole project!  We had so many donations that we were able to create our "Spoiled Rotten" basket as well as a "Are We There Yet" basket that has items you could use while traveling. 

PTO is looking for at least two families to donate a couple of plates of goodies to sell on Friday.  If you are interested in making treats please let me know ASAP!  Their should be about 6 sweet treats on each plate. 

I really hope to see you there!  Don't forget friends and family are welcome, the more the merrier!!
 Today the kids impressed me during writing time!  They used a bubble map as a prewriting activity.  They filled in six bubbles to tell what soldiers are, can, and have. 

They heard the story The Little Red Hen and the Grain of Wheat.  We discussed the lesson that the rooster and mouse learned.  Then we acted the story out.  They learned three new vocabulary words, scrumptious, idle, and productive.

After reading groups we worked on comparing numbers during math.  The worked with a partner to use greater than, less than, and equal to.  One partner wrote a number and then the other player had to guess the numbers by listening to their partners clues.  Oh, and the best part, they got to sit on the tables!!

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