Friday, November 16, 2012

November 16

We had a really great day today!  We started our day with a class meeting and discussed how to make sure our control panels don't get "out of control!"  We have three strategies to help us calm down:
1. Take a DEEP breath!
2. Close your eyes and count to 10 silently.
3. Stretch your body.

After morning meeting we assembled our thankful turkeys.  They turned out SUPER cute!  They are displayed in our Monsterpiece gallery but I will get them to you before the holiday.

The kids enjoyed Friday MaNiA as usual!  They read, went fishing for letters, spelled sight words as they jumped on a trampoline, slapped ending sounds with fly swatters, stamped letters in Bubber, and read for prizes!

We had a mystery reader today!  Ely, Acy's sister visited us from 1st grade to read us The Biggest Snowball of All.  She did a great job and her little brother was pretty pumped to have her there!
 I spy a future teacher in the making...

We finished our week with some kindergarten mix and milk!  Have a wonderful week!

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