Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 15

Today we took a voyage on the Mayflower!  It was a long and difficult voyage but we made it to America just the same!  We learned that the pilgrims were crammed all together beneath the ship, they got sick, there were nasty storms that threw the ship around the ocean, and there weren't any toilets!
We drank ale (root beer),

and ate stale bread (crackers) and dried meat (jerky).

It was a very cold journey!

Luckily we all made it!
We continued our day by writing the things we are thankful for on turkey feathers.  We will use them tomorrow for a very cute Thanksgiving turkey.
In math we talked about 2D shapes and their attributes.  We used our friends to make shapes on the rug and talk about the number of people we would need to make the sides.  Then we counted the sides and the corners.

We practiced making shapes using popsicle sticks.  I challenged the kids to make a shape using all six of their sticks.  I was surprised when I saw kids make a rectangle and a triangle!  In my mind I figured everyone would make hexagons.  What smart kiddos!  They didn't move a muscle when I asked them to make a circle.  The all stared at me like I had 3 heads!  They knew right away that they couldn't do it without curved pieces!


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