Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14

The kids had a whole bunch of fun while I was at my meeting this morning!  Mrs. Pemberton took them to the center room for a Native American crafting experience.  They visited each of the American Indian homes.  In the longhouse they strung cereal on a pull-n-peel licorice to make "wampum."  Native Americans made this out of shells and used it for jewelery and money.  The kids worked leather (tan paper) and wrote symbols on it in the tepee.  In the hogan they made clay pots. 

After recess we came in and wrote a list of five things they are thankful for.  Mrs. P. and I were so touched to see our names on some of the lists! 

During math we played mystery shape headbands.  We chose one student to wear a headband with a mystery shape attached to it.  They then had to ask questions such as "Is my shape a 2D shape," "Does it have 4 sides," etc.  The rest of the class responded with thumbs up or down while another classmate crossed off the eliminated shapes on the white board.  It was a great game and a good review for 2D and 3D attributes!

Thank you to everyone who jumped on my email to send in items for our Popcorn Pow Wow! 

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