Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 13

This morning we got busy thinking thankful thoughts!  The kids were asked to draw a picture of something they were thankful for on white board.  After they were finished drawing they danced around the room until the music stopped.  Then they partnered up and shared their drawing using the sentence starter, "I am thankful for ___."  I muttered several "aww"s during our whole group share out!  Some of them were for kids that said they were thankful for; "God," "my sister," "our feast," and "my mom."  Such thoughtful little ones!!

In math we read, Shape Up!  The kids then worked in small groups to stack, roll, and discuss attributes of 3D shapes.  After they explored the shapes we came back together to chart what we could see and what the shapes look like.

We went outside for recess today and BRR it was chilly! A couple of our kiddos even discovered frost on the wood chips!  Please remember to dress your kindergartener in coat that is appropriate for the weather.  Pretty soon we may need gloves and a hat as well.  Kindergarteners should be able to dress themselves with minimal assistance (but Mrs. P and I are on hand to make sure they are ready for the elements!).

This week in reading groups we are working on identifying the middle sound of three letter words.  We are also reviewing our sight words.  "This" and "here" seem to be a bit tricky!

After reading groups we reviewed some of the cool stuff that the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims.  We also read The Popcorn Book which taught us that American Indians gave us popcorn!

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  1. So this is why Cooper wants to have popcorn at Thanksgiving!!!