Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 9

Our day started off with a guest reader!  Mrs. McClure read the kids Scardy Cat, Splat!  It was a very cute story that went along with our art project.  The kids took the pumpkin that they made yesterday and put themselves inside!  Just wait until you see them at conferences, they are ADORABLE!

In math we worked on number sense using a giant number line that the kids got to walk on!  We compared numbers and talked about how the numbers get bigger the further you get from 0.  They also played a partner game that had them moving a vehicle on their small number lines.  Little do they know it but this is going to come in very handy when we get to addition!

We learned the word "like" and focused on words that start with the /d/ sound during reading groups.  We also blended onsets and rimes, /b/ -at= bat.  Then the kids read their new leveled readers. 

We are continuing to talk about authors, illustrators, characters, setting, as well as story structure.  Today we reread I Love School! and practiced our fancy vocabulary words; voyage, gigantic, and active.

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