Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8

Mr. C. was a very busy artist!
This morning started off with a painting party!!  We got a couple of projects started so that we can finish them throughout the week!

Purple table hard at work!

Miss A. is probably wondering why I am interrupting her creativity!

Smiley boys mixing colors to make green and orange!

Orange table getting their painting on!

Mr. J. couldn't be happier about Monday!

Pleased to be painting!

We also made a number line from 0-20.  We rolled a dice to tell us what number to start on and again to tell us how many to count up.  The kids then compared the numbers using greater than and less than.  They passed a ball and counted all the way to 50 by listening to their friends.

We read a book called I Love School!  It was really neat listening to the kids read all of the words that they have learned!  They were great at telling me the beginning, middle, and ending of the story.  We learned 3 new fancy vocabulary words; voyage, gigantic, and active.

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