Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5

Today we finished up writing about my home visits.  We really are working hard to figure out where spaces go in our sentences.  This would be a great skill to revisit as you work on writing in your child's homework packet.  Now all we need to do is bind the book and add it to our library!

We also worked on visualizing the story "Tucker's Four-Carrot Day" during reading.  Then we identified the characters, setting, and the beginning, middle, and ending of the story.  We also reviewed our vocabulary words.  See if your child can show you the actions that go with each word; apparel, proceed, precisely, imaginary, sly, and announced.

Friday MaNiA was once again a success!  We finished up our alphabet books and will be sending those home next week for your child to enjoy.  During mania we focused on our last two letters, Yy and Zz.  The did letter rubbings, cut letters out of play-doh, and wrote them in yucky colored shaving cream!  They also got to read for a treasure, practice writing sight words, play a rhyming game, and jump 1, 2, or 3 syllables.  The coolest part was that they could jump on a trampoline while saying the alphabet!

We finished off our week with milk and rice crispy treats thanks to Emerson!  We had a wonderful week!  It is so hard to believe that next week will be the end of the first quarter! 

I am sure many of you have heard your child singing bits and pieces of songs learned at school.  I have added a new section to the right that will take you to the youtube clips of these songs.  This week we have been watching the "What I Am" song.  It has become a bit of a theme song for us!  Watch it with your kiddo and give them an extra-big squeeze, the message almost brings me to tears every morning!

One last thing, Monday we will be PAINTING!  All the paints will be washable but you may not want to send your kiddo to school in their Sunday's best!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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