Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 3

We had a very productive morning! 

The kids were very excited that they got to visit the center room to start off their day!  They learned how to find their name and what center they are assigned to.

We again revisited Pumpkin, Pumkin and reread the sentence we composed yesterday.  They kids had to cut up the sentence, put it together in order, rewrite the sentence, and then illustrate.  We really focused on noticing the uppercase letter at the beginning, leaving spaces, and ending with a period. 

We enjoyed the nice weather at recess.  Please note that the temperature is dropping!  We will be headed out to recess, please make sure your child has a jacket.

We heard a new story, Jessica, and focused on retelling the beginning, middle, and end.  We also learned three new fancy words, announce, imaginary, and precisely. 

After Library and reading groups we practiced writing our numbers.  Tomorrow is the big day!  Please make sure your child is able to make a nine correctly, I saw a lot of "Ps" today rather than a "9."  We will take our first number writing assessment tomorrow.

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