Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29

Our day flew by today!  We started off the day by sharing out our puppets and notes we took about the animals we studied in reading groups last week.  Then we headed out for our bus evacuation drill.

When we returned we began our research on owls.  We created a chart about what owls can do, what they have, and what they are.  Then we read a nonfiction book to learn some more facts.  The kids recorded a fact while they were waiting to paint the owls we will use for tomorrow's project.

After music we went right into our big book for this week, Down on the Farm.  We used inferences to help us understand how the goat kid ended up with a boot on his head!  The kids were really great at this and we had plenty of quality comprehension conversations going on between partners!  We learned three new fancy words; squabble, uproar, and mischief.

Once we got done with all of that it was getting close to dismissal time.  We bundled up and headed outside to reward the kids for doing such a nice job on a crazy, off-schedule day!

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  1. Those three fancy words occur regularly between siblings at our house! Maybe ill tell them to stop squabbling from now on!!