Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 30

This morning we read another book about owls.  We learned that they have soft feathers so that they can fly quietly to sneak up on their prey.  We also found out the baby owls are called owlets, they hatch with downy feathers and grow very fast.

They kids made some very cute owl projects.  They will be on display in the Monsterpiece gallery.

We did a shared reading of Down on the Farm.  The kids used inferencing to follow the details in the story.

To help get excited for Halloween we read Ten Timid Ghosts and used one-to-one correspondence to match up ghost "balloons." 

Tomorrow is "Annual Specials Day!"  The kids will meet all together as a grade level from 10-10:30.  They have been asked to wear their P.E. shoes.


  1. Fun! Our 3-year-old knows how to get to the videos linked on this blog now. :)

  2. Been hearing lots about owls!
    Abigail is loving all these great interesting facts!