Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 25

What a fun day to be a kindergartener!  Today we became scientists and observed what different bats like to eat.  The kids worked with their table friends to decide who would be the researcher, writer, cutter, and decorator.  To my surprise there wasn't a single conflict!  First, the researchers got busy looking through magnifying glasses to see what food their bat ate.  Then, they told the writer who wrote the recipe using a cool glitter marker.  After the recipe was written the cutter got the corresponding cookie cutter and made a sugar cookie in the shape of their bat's food preference.  Last, the decorators shook sprinkles on their cookies to make them extra-yummy!  After all of the cookies were made at the bat bakery one person from each group shared the type of food that their bat liked to eat.  We found out that bats can eat bugs, flower nectar, fruit, or animals (frogs, fish, and mice).
The rain may have made us stay inside today but it didn't stop us from having fun!  In math the kids practiced counting up from a given number.  They worked as partners to roll a 10-sided dice and continue counting up by tossing a bean bag back and forth.
They were very excited to share out how high they counted!
We ended our day with Franklin's Halloween and some yummy cookies from our bat bakery!

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