Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 24

Today I was one proud teacher!  I walked in from my district meeting to find the kids flying around with their Stellaluna bats in the dark.  When the lights came on they stopped moving found a partner and did a story retell using the pictures they drew from the beginning, middle, and end.  All of the kids were engaged and excitedly telling their friends all about the story!

After we enjoyed a beautiful day at recess we came back in for some math.  We have been building our number sense by talking about things that show five.  Today I passed out five linker cubes to each student and asked them to build towers on their fingers that would show five.  They came up with several combinations that we recorded on a chart.  After we exhausted the combinations I had the kids make a new set of towers and then dance around the room.  When the music stopped they needed to find other friends that made the same combination of five as they did.  It was so cool to hear kids calling out "I have 3 and 2" or "I have 2 and 1 and 1 and 1!"  It was a moment that I knew they had total understanding of the activity!

We continued studying our animals during reading group.  Your child should be able to tell you the name of their animal, what covers it, and what the animal eats.  This will help them practice for their "jigsaw" activity on Friday.

We closed out our day by reading Bats Around the Clock.  The kids are so great at telling the characters and setting!

The basket auction is only 16 days away!!  I have had many families ask me what other items need to be donated.  Our theme is "Spoiled Rotten" and we are filling our basket with anything that would allow someone to pamper themselves.  I have some ideas in our classroom or you can send in a monetary donation to purchase an item for the basket.  I spoke with Brandy, who is coordinating our basket, and she thought that if we had enough donations we might be able to purchase a Keurig!  Who wouldn't love indulging in a fresh cup of coffee every morning!  If you have received a donation or have purchased something for the basket please send it in and I will pass it on to Brandy.  Thank you all for supporting our school and making it THE BEST place for kids to learn and have fun!

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