Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22

Welcome back!!  It was so great seeing all of my smiley students back in our classroom!  They were particularly  excited about our new room arrangement.

This morning we fell right back into our groove!  We started off with some shared writing about bats.  We are using a KWL chart to help organize our learning.  First we talked with a friend about what they know about bats.  Then they flew around the room in the dark, when the lights came on they stopped, found a friend and shared what they wonder about bats.  We are reading a nonfiction book about bats and recording things we learn.

In math we are exploring different ways to show a number.  Today we focused on the number 5.  I brought in a bag of objects and let the kids decided if it was an object that was an example or non-example of five.  Some of the objects that represent five are a baseball mitt, a domino with 4 dots and 1 dot, a domino with 5 dots and 0 dots.  Some non-examples were a mitten, a baseball, and a 3 of spades. 

In reading groups the kids are learning about different nocturnal animals.  The kids will then teach their friends about their animals.

We read Stellaluna and discussed the beginning, middle, and end.  We will be making a bat project and illustrating the different parts of the story. 

-Make sure to check the YELLOW calendar that was handed out at conferences for our specials schedule!  Today was a D day.  Tomorrow we have music.

-We are still collecting items for our "Spoiled Rotten" auction basket!  Please stop by and pick up a caramel apple for an item suggestion that we need for our basket.  The chili cook-off and auction is on November 9th!

-Tomorrow is cookie dough pick-up from 4-8.  FREE taco dinner is from 5-7!

-Your child's pictures are in their folder.  If you are not happy with the picture retakes will be on Thursday.

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  1. Abigail missed you! I know she was happy to get back:-) She was sooooo excited to tell me about her day!