Monday, September 10, 2012

Wow!  This day flew by!  Who would have thought it was a Monday.  We started our day with our friend Avry giving her WILD Thing report.  I am always so impressed by how well the kids do using a speaker voice in front of the class!  She told us that she loves mac-n-cheese (my kind of girl!) and does NOT like moths.  She would like to be a gymnast when she grows up.  I got to see her and some of the other girls do some cheers at recess...too cute!

We learned the letter Mm today and glued pictures of Mr. Mortenson in our alphabet books.  Then we started phase two of our "All About Me" unit, our bodies.  Today we learned about our heart and blood.  We did a chant as we marched around the room about the three parts of our blood, see if your  kids will do it for you:

Red cells, red cells, mighty, mighty red cells!
We carry food and oxygen everywhere we go!

White cells, white cells, mighty, mighty white cells!
We eat all the germs everywhere we go!

Platelets, platelets, mighty, mighty platelets!
We heal cuts and scrapes everywhere we go!

We read Bear's Busy Family and practiced identifying characters.  We learned the word "the" today.  So far the kids should be able to read the following sight words; I, a, my, and the.  They also learned three new fancy words today; feast, gusto, and prepare.

In math we are comparing numbers using greater than and less than.  Today we built a number line from 0-10 and made towers of blocks to demonstrate that numbers get bigger as you go up a number line.  We then compared the numbers using an "alligator mouth" (greater than/less than sign).  The alligator always wants a full belly so he eats up the bigger number!


  1. That is a lot to learn in one day!

  2. So sad we missed today! Coop and I practiced the alligator mouth tonight and had lots of fun filling him up!!! Hope he will fall right back in tomorrow!