Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 20

We had such a busy day today! It seemed like we hard a hard time finishing all the things that I had planned!

We started our day applying tape to our Tt page.

 We then learned about our sense of touch. We learned that our skin has sensors that send messages to our brains that tells us how things feel. We rubbed different textures on our skin and then glued them in our five senses books. The kids felt rough sandpaper, bumpy minky dot fabric, soft flannel, furry fabric, smooth satin, and smooth/rough foil (depending on how crumpled it got!). Then we headed over to the center room to experiment with the five senses tubs.

 We started reading Up, Up, Up, It's Apple Picking Time. We identified the characters and setting. We recalled the jobs of the author and the illustrator. Then we had to head to P.E. so we are anxiously awaiting the ending!

 In math we read Harry the Dirty Dog and reviewed our positional words. We cut out some dog pictures that demonstrate the positional words but ran out of time for gluing...another job for tomorrow!

I had such a great time on my home visits today! I am looking forward to seeing what tomorrow's monsters have in store for me!

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  1. Charles had such a great time showing you his race track today and he hopes that Logan will come over and play with him someday. :)