Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19

Our day started off with letter Ss.  The kids made stripes and added scented star stickers!  We also practiced all of our frog jump letters in handwriting: M, N, P, B, E, F and R.

Today was Ethan's 6th birthday!  He is the first kinderMonster to turn 6!!  Look at the sweet sign our friend Caleb made him last night!  Too cute!  His mommy brought in yummy cookies and cream ice cream and Capri Sun juice!  It was so fun to celebrate with Ethan and it worked out perfectly as we studied taste with our five senses unit.  It sure was SWEET!

The kids did a great job identifying the author, illustrator, and characters during our shared reading of Bee-bim Bop!  While we were waiting for computers we acted out urgency, savor, and appetite.

We had a blast during math acting out the story Rosie's Walk.  We heard many positional words; across, around, over, past, under, and through!  We even sang a song using Rosie the hen.  You should find her in your child's folder, see if they will sing it for you! 

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  1. Thank you Sara and Natalie for making Ethan's birthday so much fun! It was great to visit with the class and I was so impressed with how sweet and well behaved all the little kiddos were. Ethan is truly lucky to have such great teachers and classmates :)