Thursday, September 6, 2012

This morning started off with our friend Jerry's wild thing presentation. He shared his stuffed puppy, Lucy, with us. She is very special to him because his daddy won her for him! We learned that Jerry would like to be a police officer so he can help people. He loves pepperoni pizza followed by cake! 

During writing, the kids have been working on labels. We keep reminding ourselves that a label gives information about a picture. Today they had the opportunity to label our classroom. They did an excellent job hearing sounds in words!

 We have been working on our bathroom routine. See if your kinder can tell you what they should do during our bathroom break. We learned 3 new fancy words; resemblance, automatic, and perfectly.  Ask your kiddo who shared an automatic toy this week?  What classmates resemble each other, why?  Have them show you how we stand in line perfectly!

Our day ended with a really fun math game that helped us practice pointing to objects as we count and only counting each object once.  The boys started off with teen number cards and the girls carried white boards.  They all danced around the room until the music stopped.  They then had to partner up as boys and girls, tell their number, draw that many dots, and check their partners counting!  Here are some pictures:

I sent out an email regarding our Kindergarten Family Picnic that is on Friday, September 28th.  I will put more information about the event on the blog tomorrow!

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  1. Coop came home and labeled he and his sisters room!!! To cute!