Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This morning Ethan showed off his piloting skills as he navigated his remote control helicopter around the classroom.  All of the kids thought it was VERY cool!  He told us how he does not care for tomatoes and would really like to own a pet shop when he grows up!

We had a very busy morning making our 5-year-old licenses.  The kids really enjoyed getting measured, weighed, and having their pictures taken!  I really appreciated all of the parents that came up to help!  The kids worked really hard to stretch their bubblegum and hear sounds in words.

We ended the day with a counting activity outside.  The kids worked with a partner to count out farm animals in a chalk "barnyard."

I have had a couple questions regarding the homework that was sent home yesterday.  The books and writing booklet can be kept at home.  I suggest using a shoe box to collect these items in for independent reading.  The packet from lessons 3, 4, 5, and 6 can be returned at the end of the month for a homework reward.


  1. Thanks again Sara for letting me stay to watch Ethan's Wild Thing Presentation! He was so nervous beforehand but by the time he was done I think he felt pretty cool! You should have seen the smile on his little face when he told his dad that you let him fly the helicopter in the classroom :)

    1. Cooper couldn't stop talking about Ethan's helicopter either!!! Pretty cool!