Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I hope that you all had a wonderful three day weekend!  The kids seemed a bit tired so I am guessing they had a lot of fun!  Today we heard all about Sam!  She told us that she LOVES cake!  Especially the frosting.  She does not like scissors because they are sharp.  She is going to be a dentist when she grows up!  Little does she know that her teacher will then be afraid of her!

The kids worked on their pencil grip again this morning while correctly forming the letter M.  This was a tricky one!  If you have a couple of extra minutes ask your child to make a few for you, maybe they can use chalk, bath paint, or window markers for extra fun!

We started working on 1:1 correspondence, or touching each object as you count it.  We learned that if you have a certain number of objects and rearrange them without adding any more or taking any away it will always be the same number.

This week in writing we will be working on labels.  We learned that a label is a word that tells what a picture is.  Today we played Pictionary and the kids used their "bubblegum" to stretch out the words and write the sounds to make a label.

This week we will begin our "All About Me" unit.  We already are learning so much about our friends during our Daily Wild Thing reports.  We will focus on how we are alike and different and all of the extra special things that make each person unique!  I cannot wait to create our licenses tomorrow!

You received a homework packet today.  You should practice each lesson's homework page at least three times per week.  Each week also has a paper book to read and a writing assignment.  If you have any questions regarding how the homework works please send me an email or catch me before or after school.

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