Friday, August 31, 2012

Congratulations! With all of your help and support our class sold 147 tubs of cookie dough! We came in second to Ms Scott's classroom. We may not have gotten a popcorn party but we celebrated our success by enjoying some milk with some goldfish crackers. The kids were asked to sort the goldfish by color before eating them. The kids had to use visualization during our anthology reading, Elmer. They should have a picture of Elmer in their folders to color and help them understand the vocabulary word "patchwork."

 The kids had a blast during today's Friday mania! They made letters using play-doh, wrote letters in glitter, played abc bingo with fruit loops, and read for treasure just to name a few!

 We learned about our friends Jackson and Addy! Jackson will help protect us as a police officer when he grows up but he will probably still not pick up his toys! Addy introduced us to her extended family. She loves Vera Bradley but does not like soup!

 I hope you enjoy your holiday weekend! I get to see my sister and neices so I am really excited!  See you Monday!

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  1. Caleb likes his little lizard treasure, I hope we don't lose it at Grandma's this weekend! We'll see you *Tuesday, right? ;)