Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good afternoon!  It was a VERY busy day in room 106!  We started off our day with a live broadcast with Mr. Mortenson!  It was so much fun to be on "t.v."  I'm pretty sure we are now famous.  We were introduced as the top cookie selling classroom at Sunflower.  Make sure you send in the last little yellow slip of paper with the total about of tubs of cookie dough your child has sold.  If we have the most we will be enjoying a PoPCoRn PaRTy!!

We reviewed our classroom rules and then created our own Davids from the book David Goes to School.  They turned out SO cute!  Thank goodness there were a few mommies that came in to help us!  It had many pieces and lots of directions!  We put them with our rules to remind ourselves that we should not act like David at school!

In order to help us notice that shapes are all around us we read the book Circle Dogs by Kevin Henkes. See if your child can find a circle, square, rectangle, and triangle in your home.  For example a door is a rectangle, a piece or pizza is a triangle, etc.  The kids begged me to bring their shape pictures home with them!  They were really cute and I wanted to hang them in our room but I figured that they would be proud to show them to you, so home they went!

You will find the September calendar in your child's folder.  Hopefully this will help us all keep the letter day/special schedule straight!  A homework packet should be coming home tomorrow or Tuesday.  I was also asked to remind you:
"Just an FYI that the first PTO meeting of the year will be Tuesday, September 4th at 7p.m. It will only last about an hour. Childcare is provided. All room coordinators are personally invited to come and receive their packets."

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