Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24

This morning Mrs. Hunt, a retired teacher, volunteered to come do an art project with the kinderMoNsTeRs.  They made some really cute monster feet that will be coming home with them tomorrow!

We braved the morning chill for some much needed recess time!  Please remember that as the weather is changing your child will need a jacket for our outside time.

In math we worked on writing our numbers 0-10.  I will be sending home some practice pages this week to help get us ready for our first quarter assessment.  We also are working on counting objects 1:1 and labeling them with a number and understanding that if you don't add any objects or take any away it will still be the same number even if they are arranged differently.

This week we are finishing up our "All About Me" unit discussing families.  Today we talked about how all families are different.  They may look alike or different, live in different places, or do different things but ALL families take care of each other, help one another, and love each other!  We will extend this study into our writing as we label those pictures you sent and add captions to them!

Many of the kiddos seemed tired today or were complaining of upset tummies and sore throats.  Please be sure that you discuss good hand washing and sanitizing with your child.  I want to make sure we all stay healthy so that we can be at school together!  Thanks!

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