Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25

We were quite productive today!  The kids made vines and colored their Vv page violet.  They are so excited that we are closing in on the letter Zz.

We practiced writing our numbers 0-10 and read a counting book, One Wheel Wobbles, that had a FAMILY as the characters!  They then raced against the clock to build rows and rows, as game that teaches them as you count higher the quantity of each number gets bigger.

After recess we took advantage of the beautiful weather and did our read aloud, Feast for 10, outside!  It also was a counting book about a family that RHYMED!  I just love interdisciplinary texts!  We then practiced some of our fancy words.

After computers we worked on labeling using family words.  The kids loved helping me with my pictures so I know that they will be excited to label their own families!

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