Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26

Sorry for the late post!  The Weishaar family's computer officially needs to be replaced.  Bummer.

Our day started off a bit differently.  We had a couple of guest teachers covering for me while I attending a Common Core math meeting at District Office.

While I was away the kids glued worms to their Ww page and also had a gummy worm treat!  After morning meeting they heard the story The Relatives Came, worked on predicting, and reviewed some of our fancy vocabulary words.  I came back to very busy kinders labeling their beautiful family pictures!  Next we will work on adding a caption.

We took a much needed recess break and then headed back in to practice a special song.  After P.E. we celebrated Fall by watching a BrainPop that told us some of the changes and holidays that occur in the season.  Then we added red, yellow, orange, and brown leaves to our family trees.  Tomorrow we will add our family members to our trees. 

In math the kids help count cubes as I put them into a bag.  We counted 16.  Then I dumped them all over the ground and the kids were so smart that they knew that there were still 16!  I picked them up and put them in the bag and they still believed that there were 16.  So, to double check we counted them again as I put them back in the math tub.  They were right, there were still 16!  Believe it or not, this is a tough skill.  They then tossed a beanbag with a partner to practice counting.  This quarter they need to be able to count to 25, next quarter they will need to get to 50.

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  1. Thanks for the post. Sorry about your computer! We were so busy yesterday I didn't have time to ask Caleb what he did in school!